Alright, That’ll have to do until I come back :)

I just couldn’t resist getting in on this Professor Sycamore craze. XD

Slylocke: Professor SEXYMORE 

0:48 Oooooooh! And boom goes the dynamite!

PeanutButterGamer -  Hey You, Pikachu! For Nintendo 64 

Love this episode of PBG XD

Am I The Only one who sees it?

I just want to call him “sun-bleached Wolverine” for some odd reason. 

Did Sokka put on a few pounds and get his skin bleached?

I think I forgot a few things

A little bit more coming your way. :)

Hope those will tide you over ‘till I come back

I’ll return eventually. ;)

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too easy to take out of context! XD

What The Hell Are You Doing With Your Hand?!



That’s it! I want a 3DS for Christmas!

Just Look At Her Face! XD She Wants him too I swear!

If this guy starts working out with The Insanoflex God help us all! XD


The first thing that came to my mind when watching X & Y Playthroughs

The first things you see in the games is a Pokeball and The Kalos Region’s very own professor… nuff said. This was begging to happen… May not be safe for work.

This Fletching is such a little dick for dive bombing on your head to wake you up… but he/she is so cute so it’s hard to stay mad at him/her. XD

Awkward Questions You’re Dying Ask In X & Y or Pokemon in General

She got a letter from the guy! I’m just callin’ it like I see it. Oh dear… that would make Lacewood all the more awkward as a shipping. O_oSeriously?! Almost all of them Pokemon lay eggs! 

imageI can’t be the only one who thinks Professor Sycamore gets more action than a ditto at a daycare. XD